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Receive e-mail and/or SMS notifications when a certain event is triggered. sysAlarms comes free whenever you get an AppHost or server configured by sysCore. More information about sysAlarms can be found on

Typical applications include:

  • monitoring servers
  • converting e-mail alerts into SMS messages
  • monitoring RAID arrays
  • sending SMS/e-mail messages based on events generated by CCTV cameras (usually network IP-Cameras)
  • custom, often I/O-driven events (we can also provide you with hardware for transforming electrical signals into sysAlarms notifications)

We do love high quality at sysCore, hence we try to automate and optimize our internal routines. sysAlarms is one of them. To some events we wish to be pro-active, meaning – we want to fix the problem before it in fact becomes a real problem (visible also by your customers).

Typical scenario includes RAID array monitoring – we get a message once one of the drives is marked as faulty. This way we can exchange it before a real crash/problem occurs.

Since we love custom projects, we can connect sysAlarms to practically anything that can be measured – and if needed – we can also make all necessary circuitry to make it happen.

You are always welcome to contact sysCore to hear more or to schedule a non-binding meeting.

Q: What if I don’t want to receive sysAlarms for my AppHost?
A: No problem. For all AppHosts and RAID arrays – we are always on recipient lists – and in case of problems you will definitely hear from us.

Q: Are SMS messages free?
A: Depends on the service. For AppHosts and RAID arrays – free of charge. For other applications it all depends on the volume.

Q: Can you carry extra variables in your alarm messages?
A: Yes, we can. You are free to alter/compose your own alarm messages and use variables in the text exactly as you like.

Q: I have 3 fridges in my restaurant – I wish to get an SMS once the temperature goes above 7 degrees. Can you do that? You will have to measure the temperature, too…
A: Yes, we can do it, per fridge!