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RFID embedded solutions

RFID embedded solutions is a concept that we have launched into full-scale production in 2012. sysCore is a direct importer of various RFID modules. We wrote our own, solid Linux driver for them and we are able to embed them in many different configurations.

What is RFID?

RFID stands for Radio-frequency identification. The principle is simple: a non-contact tag uses wireless technology to enable automatic identification and tracking. It is also possible to store data on the tag, meaning it can be used as an electronic purse that holds pre-paid credits, that could be redeemed at various stations.

sysCore builds its RFID-based solution using MIFARE/ISO-14443-A readers/writers and respective tags. They can usually hold 1K of data. One tag can be used by many different, completely unrelated systems (as long as they use different sectors on the tag).

Typical applications:

  • electronic purse: tags hold user ID (and for example validity or other information) and amount of prepaid credits; such tag can be used to redeem services at RFID-enabled stations
  • access control: control access to rooms, doors or other devices by means of RFID tags
  • tracking: track expensive goods

RFID Hardware (readers/writers, tags):

  • we offer various RFID modules – from serial/TTL enabled PCBs to USB based, ready to use nice boxes
  • we can manipulate RFID data from Linux-based machines; microcontrollers such as ATMega328 are also an option; Windows SDK is also available
  • we have our own, solid driver for RFID modules which can be used on various Linux-based embedded computers (uCLinux, Embedded Linux – if there’s a gcc port – it works)

If you have an idea for a RFID-based solution – just contact us. We will help you organize everything and make a custom application and hardware, if necessary. sysCore can also help you building an online credit recharging station, where people can prepay credits with their credit card.

How does it look?

RFID readers/writers

USB or serial/TTL levels. USB reader comes in a plastic package, meaning it is ready to use. The PCB module comes in two flavors: with TTL levels or RS232.

Supported tags: MIFARE1K/ISO-14443-A

Reading distance: ca. 7cm

Small power consumption – PCB module uses up to 80mA during RFID transaction at 5VDC

RFID tags, cards and wristbands

Tags come in different flavors and colors: keychains, cards or wristbands. All tags sold by sysCore are equipped with NXP chipsets. They can hold up to 1K of data (NB: some of the data is consumed by ACL/tag information).

Each tag is equipped with unique, factory “burned” serial number. Prices start at 10DKK/tag and are subject to volume discounts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How reliable is the electronic purse solution?
A: Offered MIFARE tags offer 10 years of data retention, 100.000 write cycles. For value fields (used for electronic purse) the amount of credits is stored three times (for security reasons): twice non-inverted and once inverted.

Q: Are electronic purse transactions fast?
A: Typically everything can be done in less than 100ms plus overhead from the application.

Q: We are interested only in readers/tags – can you help?
A: Yes – readers/writers and tags can be sold separately. sysCore’s drivers are not for sale.

Q: Can you integrate RFID with (my custom project)?
A: Probably yes. We have successfuly deployed RFID installations which are controlled/recharged via web applications (also written by us). Contact us for more details.