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Personalized AppHost

Personalized AppHost is a product for all types of companies that are tired of constant limitations coming from regular providers. It is also for them that wish to “go PRO” but lack the skills or time to manage it all. sysCore is all about custom solutions, hence your AppHost will be configured to suit your needs.

What can Personalized AppHost do?

  • hosting of many web pages (can be combined with Online Presence Pack)
  • run one or more web shops
  • running a forum
  • e-mail service
  • external indexing engine (perfect solution for large databases containing many products/documents)
  • task automation (sending automatic e-mails, SMS messages and many more)
  • host your custom project(s)

Benefits of Personalized AppHost:

  • service availability (very high uptime)
  • no need to share resources with others (like in case of regular hosting providers)
  • all custom requirements can be fulfilled
  • cost-effective solution for running multiple web pages/web shops and/or e-mail servers

Depending on your needs we can provide two types of AppHosts:

  • virtual: good for web pages, smaller web shops, product catalogues etc.
  • physical: for high-volume web sites, web shops and multi-application instances

All AppHosts are hosted in a professional data center with multiple uplinks and redundant power. Hardware failures (disks, motherboard, CPU etc.) are in the price (for physical machines).


  • unlimited transfer
  • no binding – 1 month cancellation time
  • you run on a dedicated machine
  • redundant Internet links, redundant power
  • CO2 friendly
  • backup
  • no license fees – runs on top of Linux

How does it look like? We try to identify your needs and propose a solution. If you like our ideas, we can start preconfiguring your AppHost and make sure everything is in place. You are ready to go.

What is included in a Personalized AppHost and what is the cost?

  • you pay only for the time needed to configure your AppHost – and that simply depends only on your needs
  • there is a monthly fee which covers hosting of your AppHost and system maintenance (monitoring, updates)
  • maintenance of your applications is not in the price, but we will be happy to find out a solution that can satisfy everyone
  • for extra support – please check our Clip-card support product

You are always welcome to contact sysCore to hear more or to schedule a non-binding meeting.

Q: Do you support also Windows-based AppHosts?
A: No – we are Linux-only Open Source enthusiasts. We know Linux (and *BSD to some extent) and that’s what we offer.

Q: Is it true that free software isn’t that good?
A: It all depends on the software. Many commercial products are extremely bad and you cannot really get them fixed without paying big money. Open Source software is free and puts no limitations of you. You can tweak the code, customize it, do whatever fits your purpose. But with great power comes great responsibility.
If you are still in doubt – check companies/services like Google, Facebook, Twitter, flickr and so on. Do you think that majority of their servers is not Open Source powered?

Q: How about security?
A: We recommend and use Ubuntu on practically all AppHosts. Canonical publishes security patches that can be installed automatically as soon as they are released. In general – for many popular projects, the Open Source Community is extremely fast when it comes to fixing (time-to-fix usually measured in hours).

Q: You are selling Open Source – that’s not nice to make money on others!
A: We are not selling the software itself – we are selling the service, our knowledge and know-how which is directly related to many Open Source projects. Whenever possible we also contribute back to the community by submitting bug reports, patches or donations.