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Partner products

There is a range of products that we are also offering to our customers, but that are developed/owned/maintained by third party businesses.

Google Apps for Business | WADA-NET | CLUB-NET

Google Apps for Business

We are using Google Apps for Business here at sysCore ApS and we are extremely happy with them. Seamless cloud experience, mobile integration, extremely high uptime.

If you are thinking about moving your e-mail/calendar services to Google Apps – please contact us. We will be happy to make a short presentation about features and benefits of Google Apps for Business.

What is included in Google Apps for Business?

  • Google Mail & Talk (E-mail & Chat)
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs (document suite)
  • Google Sites
  • Google Video

Google Apps for Business are always evolving – there are usually more than hundred enhancements added every year.

If you wish to move from another solution – we will be glad to help with:

  • data migration
  • configuration of additional e-mail servers
  • dual delivery
  • training

At this point sysCore ApS is not an official Google Apps Reseller, but we are participating in the programme. You are always welcome to contact us for a non-binding meeting and presentation.


WADA-NET is a product that enables remote monitoring and process control of water plants from the comfort of administrator’s home. It does not require any special software to run as the frontend is entirely web-based. This also means that supervising activities can be performed from virtually any location.

The system consists of two parts:

  • web-based frontend for viewing data and configuration; the server is managed by WADA-NET provider
  • a small, embedded computer with I/O modules that do all data acquisition and process control on-site; WADA-NET is designed to match existing components

Such combination enables administrators to monitor the plant whenever they want without being there. This can greatly simplify management, creation of reports and can be also used for leak detection, pump-wear measurement etc.

On top of that WADA-NET comes with a fully configurable filter cleaning system, that gives great degree of freedom while keeping the configuration simple.

Data monitoring and filter cleaning operations work also in case there is no Internet connectivity. In such situation all information is stored on an internal storage and is later uploaded to the server whenever the link is available again. As for the filter cleaning operation – the system automatically synchronizes the cleaning schedule and is able to start the cleaning process without access to the Internet (it does of course make extra checks to see if there is enough water to perform the cleaning).

sysCore ApS is actively working on support for WADA-NET – meaning we can implement your special wishes.

Sales inquiries: sysCore ApS or

Christian Christiansen
PC Brøndboring A/S
Brøndborervej 1, 7840 Højslev
Tel: 97 53 52 22 Fax: 97 53 51 56,

Please mention that you come from sysCore ApS.


CLUB-NET is a product developed for waterskiing clubs that wish to simplify their user handling and to have full control over used gas in boats. The system consists of three integral parts:

  • web-based frontend where users can register, pay their membership, recharge their RFID tag and where all administrative tasks are performed
  • clubhouse software: RFID recharging & checkout station
  • boat computer: an embedded system, RFID enabled with transreflective LCD display to control boat’s performance and withdraw credits from RFID tags

The idea is very simple – all transactions are performed online, meaning there is track of all transactions. RFID is a contactless technology, meaning no more problems with rust on chip cards or other devices requiring contact.

Many tasks can be performed by users themselves – which makes member management so much easier and nicer.

sysCore ApS is actively supporting CLUB-NET – meaning we can implement your special wishes.

Sales inquiries: sysCore ApS or

Vallensbæk Vandskiklub
Vejlegårdsvej 131, 2625 Vallensbæk

Please mention that you come from sysCore ApS.