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Online Presence Pack

Online Presence Pack is a product for small and medium size businesses and entrepreneurs that wish to have full control over their online marketing strategy, but lack the time or technical competence to have everything ready in place.

We have identified the most important factors that are needed for increasing your online presence and we will be happy to share them with you. This product is not only about “getting you a web page” – it is also about learning you the good habits and explaining you the key concepts of SEO and progress tracking – but with respect to your business and ideas.

Doing everything from scratch is difficult, time consuming and might result in erroneous situations. Avoid frustrations and let us prepare the solid foundation for you. Then you have full control over everything.

It is a very cost-effective solution for those that are not afraid to put their heart into e-marketing. Believe us, once technology is not a problem it can be also fun!

What comes with Online Presence Pack:

  • a customized WordPress instance, SEO optimized and ready to use with access to 24/7 online documentation (video screencasts)
  • 1 year of free hosting on sysCore servers (we don’t want to risk other hosting services – we are fast and reliable and in case you need any custom features – no problem!)
  • configured and ready to use popular SEO tools for tracking your progress
  • help with online advertising
  • integration with popular social networks (facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.)
  • SEO report about you and your online competition, editorial plan and general suggestion on how you can enhance your visibility in major search engines
  • mobile-optimized online business card with corresponding QR code
  • 1 month of e-mail support, so that you’re not alone in the beginning

We will give you all the tools you need to get started – the rest is in your hands. If you wish to have texts for your web page done by a professional author – we can also recommend you good professionals (multiple languages available!).

Why this way? Will I manage to control all that?

Nobody knows your business better than you – and you can save enormous amount of money by having fun writing things related to your business activity. We will make sure you know exactly what is needed for your business to be more visible online.

You are always welcome to contact sysCore to hear more or to schedule a non-binding meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I am missing a template?
A: sysCore has access to many templates that can be quickly arranged to suit your needs (paid extra).
If you want to have a custom design done by a professional designer – we can do that, too.

Q: Can you integrate a web shop with my WordPress page?
A: Yes, we can. It is an extra feature which is not part of the basic package. By default we can extend your project by anything you need.

Q: “I can have this done in (outsourcing country) much cheaper!”
A: Then please, go ahead. We focus on quality and ultimate customer experience. If you call us – we pick up the phone (not only because of the same time zone).

Q: Why are you forcing me to use you as a hosting provider?
A: We have had many bad experiences with all types of exotic hostings on Danish market. Many times customers were angry with us when it was provider’s fault. We focus on quality and to limit this problem we have decided to host our work in-house. To make it sound serious we give 1 year of free hosting together with Online Presence Pack.