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Glostrup, Denmark

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Technical background


If you want to know more before you start

sysCore can advise you on the following subjects:

  • Network / server architectures
  • Hardware / software purchases
  • Application development / roadmap
  • Security / cryptography
  • Migration to Linux / Open Source (in other words: how to save money on license fees)

Our partners can help with:

  • Custom design (web pages)
  • Code audit
  • IT project management
  • Bug fixing (C / C++ / Python / Java / PHP)
  • PLC/driver design


Servers, embedded systems, desktop & laptops

We have been working with various flavours of Linux for more than 10 years. If you need a professional system administrator - or someone to help you with a specific task - let us know. There is a great chance we can solve your problem.

Below is a short list of our core Linux competences

  • Server: from LAMP to sophisticated routers with tagged interfaces
  • Clusters and LVS: Pacemaker, Corosync, ldirectord, STONITH
  • Backup & replication
  • Proxies (incl. reverse proxies)
  • E-mail servers: from Postfix all the way to Zimbra
  • Embedded solutions: running Linux in resource constrained environment
  • Storage and printing: low cost print & file server solution
  • Scripting and programming
  • Kernel drivers


From web to embedded systems

Types: web applications, daemons, command line and GUI applications of all kinds.

sysCore specializes in:

  • C / C++: including Qt, desktop / server / embedded applications
  • PHP
  • HTML / CSS
  • Javascript: including Ajax, Prototypejs, jQuery and many others
  • Python: including PyGTK, Glade
  • Perl
  • C#: GUI applications
  • Scripting: bash / sh


Something we are very good at

  • Database design / management / optimization: relational (MySQL, pgSQL), hierarchical (OpenLDAP & other directory servers)
  • Integration of external indexing systems: search millions of records within seconds
  • Design and implementation of booking systems: equipment, meetings, trips - your imagination is the only limit
  • Design and implementation of registration systems: conferences, events
  • Credit card gateways: integration, soft terminals, electronic purse
  • Web+: we can connect many different technologies together, so that they can be controlled/monitored via WWW


When you also need to manage the platform

  • Networking: topologies, technologies, protocol related issues (L2 and up), design and maintenance
  • Cisco L2 & L3
  • Clusters: LVS, pacemaker, corosync
  • Non-homogenous networks: *NIX + Windows
  • Linux: Ubuntu, Gentoo, CentOS/RedHat
  • Virtualization: VMWare, VirtualBox, Xen, KVM, OpenVZ
  • Blade servers
  • Data archiving and security


Areas that make us unique on the market

  • Embedded systems: Linux embedded, ARM-based boards, Arduino
  • RFID: ISO-14443 (Mifare) & ISO-15693, electronic purse & access control, payment & credit-recharging stations
  • GSM/GPRS: making things work over GPRS
  • Barcodes: generation and integration
  • Industrial I/O: monitoring and control of industrial processes, custom application and steering

On majority of server installations we use Ubuntu Server LTS or CentOS. If you wish to read more about both distributions, please click respective logos - you will be redirected to their homepages.