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Welcome to sysCore

expertise - experience - professionalism

sysCore ApS is not a typical IT consulting company – we are far more than that. What makes us different from others is the passion, expertise and constant self-development. We love challenges and we love to see our customers happy.

We specialize in Linux and Open Source software. We use it ourselves and we offer it to our customers. Whenever possible we contribute back to the community. That means – by using our services you also stimulate the global Open Source community.

Read more about our competences and products – in case of questions – feel free to contact us any time.

Why Open Source?

You probably want to ask: Why should I use something that is free? Things that cost no money do not work and are bad!

There comes no warranty with Open Source software – but for sure it comes with the ultimate freedom to modify and adapt it to your needs. Look at the biggest web companies running thousands of serversand ask yourself – would it be possible for them to grow so big if they used only proprietary solutions?

Open Source software is not an answer to all your needs, but for sure there is a certain area where it can simply outnumber all competition.