Notice: IANAL. Patent wars of patent trolls and big corporations are now part of “daily routine”. Companies buy other companies – not because of their tech, market or customers – simply because they have an interesting “patent portfolio”. This would be more or less fine if the patent system wasn’t broken. Why do I claim that it’s broken? Well, probably because more and more “obvious patents” are granted.

Recently Microsoft filed for a patent called “CONTROLLING AUDIO OF A DEVICE“. All they want is to patent “whacking your phone” if someone is calling at the wrong time. Haven’t we seen similar technology already in almost every Android phone? (flip to mute?) If you think this is just a single case – no. Recently we have all learned (Apple vs. Samsung) that “rounded corners” can be patented, too.

How come such patents are passed? Why does it all happen in USA? These are just two of many questions I’d like to know the answer for. One thing we can be sure of – the more broken patents, the more “monopoly” we are going to see. And as we (hopefully) all know, a monopoly means a step backwards on the innovation trail.

I just hope that in Europe we are not going to get software patents, nor the broken “patent granting procedure” which these days seems to be entering the “daily routine” in USA…