I have found a very interesting video on YouTube. It features Steve Ballmer commenting Google’s press release announcing Android (there’s also a word from Nigel Clifford, at that point CEO of Symbian). It is a bit scary to observe how confident they were back then. As for today, all those efforts that were “some words on paper” are the leader. Both Microsoft and Nokia (Nokia acquired Symbian and now Microsoft cooperates with Nokia) have a problem cutting through.


Below are two pie charts that show smartphone sales by OS in 4Q2008 and 1Q2012. The numbers are rather astonishing and show how dangerous the mobile market can be.

Microsoft is struggling at this point – they used to have more than 12%, now they hope to go above 2% with Windows Phone. They definitely seem to be putting all forces on getting their mobile market share back. A lot of success in the mobile market lies behind available applications – and their quality. Microsoft tries to attract developers to its mobile platforms (smartphone + tablet) by forcing Windows 8 GUI (formerly known as “Metro”) on everything (why this is might not be the best idea – you can check here).

Having that YouTube video in mind I am a bit afraid to draw serious conclusions. For sure, time will show whether that was a good decision.

Smartphone sales by OS, 1Q2012. Source data by Gartner

Smartphone sales by OS, 4Q2008. Source data by Gartner