This is nothing new – the Internet is full of posts about this issue. Full disclosure: I am not using Outlook – and whenever I have to do it – I get enough evidence to keep my hands out of it. That is my opinion – it might happen that it works for you. Whatever makes you happy – I’m fine with it as long as you are not forcing me to like your taste 🙂

It is very embarrassing, but maybe at some point my failure will help some fellow “my office runs on open source and good payware” enthusiasts. We use Google Apps for Business in our company from day one – and as I say – Outlook interactions were kept practically at zero. I was wondering for a long time why people are writing “J” at the end of some lines. Even worse, why these lines often contained sarcasm or partially offending content?! Shame on me. I am afraid I have a lot of re-reading ahead…

As I said – it is embarrassing – but yet my situation shows how important it is today to speak standards. Who had this brilliant idea (it’s Word in fact doing content generation for Outlook HTML) to replace a perfectly valid “:)” with J, “:|” with K and “:(” with L and then throw in a proprietary font in the element? (and why is it still alive and kicking in the 21st century? 😉

My big question is – how does this work in Office 365 when you access it from a Mac or Linux computer? It’s supposed to be the “cloud” (it’s not a cloud in fact – but that’s a topic for a separate article) – ubiquitous and platform agnostic. I wonder what my facial expression will be when I test it – J, K or L?