We are pleased to announce our new website. This happens to be the first post on our English blog where you will be able to find our comments about IT, technology and of course Open Source. Our plan is also to share an extensive amount of knowledge, because in the end this blog will be also our little “technical diary”.

What is really new on this web page? First of all now you can read a lot more about our Products, Services and Competences. It took a while for the company to figure out “what are our core products/services?”. This is in fact not an easy process and very often “main contributors” to the process are need, luck and serendipity.

For those who are more interested in discovering their products and customers through extensive testing & learning – please consider reading “Lean Startup: How Constant Innovation Creates Radically Successful Businesses” by Eric Ries. The book shows a way of following good practices and puts a lot of pressure on detecting failures early. Of course, there’s a lot of learning involved. In the end it is a lot about experience, good metrics, risk management and ability to draw good conclusions from data nobody has seen before.

This is more or less the way this website was born. It is one of our core products: Online Presence Pack. It was successful enough to cut through many custom niches that we do – and now we are proud to use it, too!

We are also pleased to announce that all our websites are in both Danish and English – something that makes it a lot more user friendly.

If you had any comments about our website – or if you find any errors – feel free to contact us.