Together wih AAU-MENU group we will be presenting our prototypes at FoodTech Bazar 2013 in Roskilde. Our ICT solutions are a part of Intelligent DEvices for Assessing food behavior (IDEA) collaboration.

In other words – we will show how geeks can turn your plate into a smart one. So far we have developed two working prototypes that are already after pilot testing phases:

  • Intelligent Buffet
  • Food and Waste Monitor

The Intelligent Buffet was already covered on our blog – but the main idea behind it is that we can tell you how much and what you have been eating. As for the Food and Waste Monitor the situation is a little bit more complex: the challenge is to analyze plate contents in large volume canteens – and based on that be able to come up with multitude of useful information that can be used to optimize the kitchen – and that can indicate a need of dietary intervention.

What is very important –  both projects are powered by Open Source software and hardware. From the technical point of view it’s a mix of various technologies and programming languages: PHP, Python, C++ and allmighty bash – and on the hardware front we have been extensively using the power of Arduino as it’s simply the best tinker-friendly prototyping board available on the market.

The event will take place in Roskilde on 30th October 2013. Come and see our cool projects! Details as well as invitation can be found here: