Spaces in paths can be a real pain – especially when doing some bulk processing. To keep it quick – how do you then for example look for all AVI files in a given directory and feed them to mplayer? (and the paths DO contain spaces)

Here’s the magic command:

find . -iname '*.avi' -print0 | xargs -0 mplayer

It does exactly what you need. Below is a relevant paste of xargs‘ manpage:

       -0     Input  items  are  terminated  by a null character instead of by
              whitespace, and the quotes and backslash are not special  (every
              character is taken literally).  Disables the end of file string,
              which is treated like any other  argument.   Useful  when  input
              items  might  contain  white space, quote marks, or backslashes.
              The GNU find -print0 option produces  input  suitable  for  this