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Convince apt-get not to use IPv6 addressess

If suddenly noticed that your apt-get hangs on for example update command – and the line on which it is hanging resembles something like that:

Ign precise InRelease
Get:1 precise Release.gpg [189 B]
Get:2 precise Release [1,394 B]
Get:3 precise/main Sources [887 B]
Get:4 precise/main amd64 Packages [3,280 B]
Get:5 precise/main i386 Packages [3,275 B]
Ign precise/main TranslationIndex
Ign precise/main Translation-en_US
Ign precise/main Translation-en
100% [Connecting to (2a01:4f8:0:a101::1:1)]

This means your apt-get is trying to update itself and use IPv6 for that purpose. If you wish to force your system to always use IPv4, then add the following line into /etc/gai.conf file:

precedence ::ffff:0:0/96  100

That should fix the problem.

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