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Challenge me – and let me find a great solution for you.

IT, Linux and technically challenging problems have been my passion for years.  

In order to fully pursue my career within IT I have attended three different Universities and have two IT diplomas in my pocket (started on Silesian University of Technology in Poland and finished on Danish Technical University in 2008).

I established sysCore in 2011 so that I could offer my services and develop new IT solutions for my customers. My job is indeed my passion – therefore I am always on the look to learn new things that can optimize both my and my customers’ work.

My customers are my long-time partners – therefore it’s vital for me that our cooperation is healthy and that we trust each other. After all – we play on the same team.

In order to provide maximum level of transparency for my customers – all work done for them is logged in my customer portal EFFIHUB. This way my customers can always check what was done for them, how much it costed and therefore keep track on the time consumption.


I am not alone

In my company I work close with Thomas and Cathrine Herskind-Carlsen from byHerskind ApS. We have worked together for many years and know each other very well. On top of that we can offer a common pre-paid packages for our customers (our pre-paids give access to both companies). 

This way you get the best of all worlds: technical eye and experience together with correct project management and Scandinavian design.

Take a look at their website and see what they can offer for you: www.byherskind.dk.

byHerskind - Thomas og Cathrine

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Send an e-mail to hello@syscore.dk or call +45 32 21 57 70 to hear more